Child Arrangement Order

What are child arrangement orders? A child arrangement order is a court order that will establish who is responsible for the care of a child. This type of order will happen when two parents can not agree on who will look after the child.

Parent and children

Before asking for a child arrangement order, both parents must attend a meditation information and assessment meeting (MIAM) once at this meeting, a mediator will discuss the issues with both parties and try their best to help resolve the dispute.

A good family law lawyer will be able to assist and advise you on moving things forward and try to see what the best outcome for the child or children is involved.

A child arrangement order will be put in place until the child turns 16, or sometimes 18 in exceptional circumstances. The court will usually state the duration in the child arrangement order. The court will try and listen to the dispute and hear sides from both parties, it will then try to resolve and narrow down the issues. An agreement will try to reach. If no final agreement can be reached, the court will order a further final hearing.

At the final hearing, a judge will look at all the evidence supplied and will make a decision about all of the issues raised in the dispute. Sometimes the judge will ask for other witnesses to be called in addition to the parties involved.

For a child arrangement order, we would suggest you get represented by a good family lawyer, one that has been recommended by a friend or family member or one that you have done your research on and you feel comfortable with.