Protection Dogs

If you are thinking of buying a protection dog to protect you and your family, we have put together a guide to help you choose the right protection dog for you.

The most popular breeds of dogs that are used for protection dogs are:

German Shepherd





There are other protection dog breeds available though, so each family’s needs should be looked at individually and a good dog trainer will be able to choose the perfect protection dog for you.

A good protection dog should be confident and stable in its temperament. It should have the instinct to protect and guard. A lot of good protection dogs’ temperament will be genetic, then this will be worked on with training and socialization.

A good protection dog will shield you on command, it should protect you from any threat or danger, but this does come at a cost, protection dogs are not cheap …they can start at anything from £4000 up to £70,000. All of this depends on the breed, age, and training of the protection dog.

It is beneficial that a protection dog is trained from a puppy, as early as 4-6 months is ideal as the puppy will be eager to learn and will easily pick new things up.

You can, of course, train your dog yourself; it can be fun for you and your dog, but it is recommended for a good protection dog you get the experts in.

A good protection dog trainer will encourage you to visit the dogs at their site and should allow you to bring family members and other family pets to see if they interact okay with each other. A good protection dog should have a minimum of 12 months of training before your handover.

Protection dogs are an expensive thing to buy but can be worth every penny when they protect you and your family and give you total peace of mind and security.

Protection Dog

Protection Dog