The Different Type of Hair Extensions

There are many different types of hair extensions available on the market. The type of hair extensions you get will solely depend on the condition of your hair, the length of your hair, what look you want to achieve from your hair extensions and your budget.

Learn about the different types below in order to make the best choice for your hair extensions.

Clip-in extensions

Clip-in extensions are self explanatory as you ‘clip them in’ as and when you please. They come in different sizes pieces and are attached at the top with a clip and either fabric or silicone. Usually, the clips found of this type of extension ‘snap’ meaning they open and close using force. This allows them to be fitted and removed whenever necessary.

This type of extension is deemed to be the least permanent and typically only used for special occasions and not worn on a daily basis.

Clip In Hair Extensions

Tape extensions

Tape in extensions are pre-taped and then further glued together on either side of your own hair. As your natural hair grows, the tapes will grow with it and therefore you will need to get these re-fitted every 4 – 8 weeks depending on the length of the growth. This process should be carried out by an extensionist to ensure your hair is not damaged in any way.

Sew-in extensions

Sew in extensions are also known as a weave. These extensions are fitted by sewing the hair onto your natural hair using a needle and thread. Due to the difficulty of fitting this, an experienced hairdresser or extensionist will have to fit these for you.

We recommend that you have the weave removed and re-fitted every 6 – 8 weeks due to the re-growth of your natural hair.

Fusion bonded hair extensions

This type of extension is fitted by fusing the hair to your natural hair using adhesives such as heat. There are many different ways as to how this can be fitted and if you chose this method of application, you should discuss with your extensionist how these are going to be fitted.

This method of application is the most long-lasting as they can stay in your hair for up to 2 -3 months before they need refitting due to re-growth.

Why You Should Invest in CCTV Installation

CCTV installations use to exclusively be utilised by high-end government agencies, financial institutions, hospitals and the police. It was considered a luxury, often only managing to produce grainy dark low-quality video footage. Nowadays, with advancements in technology and a more accessible price point, companies and homeowners are choosing to have CCTV installations as standard security measures.

A Rise in CCTV Camera Installation

A rise in the CCTV cameras demonstrates a more conscious consumer, aware of rising crime rates such as vandalism and burglary over time. It is also offered by many CCTV Installation Companies, who will come around to set up your whole system at an affordable price point. The advancements in technology mean there is no need for a huge storage system or bulky cameras, they are sleek and modern in design meaning you won’t struggle for space in your premises.

The benefits of CCTV Installation

You can get high-quality footage of your building, enabling the authorities to have a much clearer idea of who is responsible for any damages. There are many options available, including live CCTV cameras giving you instant round the clock eyes on your premises to give you full peace of mind.

They also protect you in the event of any legal claim by employees or any other site visitors. It allows you to instantly prove what physically happened without any arguments. It can also help encourage people to act appropriately with visible CCTV cameras on show.

CCTV Installation






Key Holding Security West Midlands

Key Holding Security

Are you based in the West Midlands and are looking to keep your business protected when you’re not on the premises? Installing CCTV cameras do act as a great deterrent against intruders, but unless you are employing people to watch a constant stream of coverage, you likely won’t be alerted to any emergencies until it is too late.

The only way to get genuine peace of mind is to use professional security personnel to watch your property when you can’t. You also need to ensure that if something does go wrong, there is somebody on hand to quickly unlock your premises and check your important assets are safe.

Protect Your Business with Key Holding Security

All of this is attainable through key holding security. Businesses can outsource their security requirements to a dedicated team of security manned guards, mobile patrol units and alarm response officers.

There are high-quality security companies that supply teams to businesses in the West Midlands. If you think your business may be under threat once the working day is finished, particularly when based in more isolated locations, consider hiring key holding security before you suffer the consequences.

What Do You Get from Key Holding Security?

There many benefits to key holding security. Here are a few things to bear in mind:

  • Keys will be held by licensed security professionals in a completely secure location so as not to compromise your business
  • 24-hour monitor surveillance from a control room for a clear overview of your business premises. This also provides an audit trail to give transparency for your business
  • Fast alarm response to emergencies to guarantee effective situation containment and asset protection
  • Clear visibility of security officers, including branded uniforms to put the security team in higher repute and mobile patrol vehicles with security livery to further deter trespassers

Hire key holding security West Midlands to ensure one less stress in your working life.

Child Arrangement Order

What are child arrangement orders? A child arrangement order is a court order that will establish who is responsible for the care of a child. This type of order will happen when two parents can not agree on who will look after the child.

Parent and children

Before asking for a child arrangement order, both parents must attend a meditation information and assessment meeting (MIAM) once at this meeting, a mediator will discuss the issues with both parties and try their best to help resolve the dispute.

A good family law lawyer will be able to assist and advise you on moving things forward and try to see what the best outcome for the child or children is involved.

A child arrangement order will be put in place until the child turns 16, or sometimes 18 in exceptional circumstances. The court will usually state the duration in the child arrangement order. The court will try and listen to the dispute and hear sides from both parties, it will then try to resolve and narrow down the issues. An agreement will try to reach. If no final agreement can be reached, the court will order a further final hearing.

At the final hearing, a judge will look at all the evidence supplied and will make a decision about all of the issues raised in the dispute. Sometimes the judge will ask for other witnesses to be called in addition to the parties involved.

For a child arrangement order, we would suggest you get represented by a good family lawyer, one that has been recommended by a friend or family member or one that you have done your research on and you feel comfortable with.

Protection Dogs

If you are thinking of buying a protection dog to protect you and your family, we have put together a guide to help you choose the right protection dog for you.

The most popular breeds of dogs that are used for protection dogs are:

German Shepherd





There are other protection dog breeds available though, so each family’s needs should be looked at individually and a good dog trainer will be able to choose the perfect protection dog for you.

A good protection dog should be confident and stable in its temperament. It should have the instinct to protect and guard. A lot of good protection dogs’ temperament will be genetic, then this will be worked on with training and socialization.

A good protection dog will shield you on command, it should protect you from any threat or danger, but this does come at a cost, protection dogs are not cheap …they can start at anything from £4000 up to £70,000. All of this depends on the breed, age, and training of the protection dog.

It is beneficial that a protection dog is trained from a puppy, as early as 4-6 months is ideal as the puppy will be eager to learn and will easily pick new things up.

You can, of course, train your dog yourself; it can be fun for you and your dog, but it is recommended for a good protection dog you get the experts in.

A good protection dog trainer will encourage you to visit the dogs at their site and should allow you to bring family members and other family pets to see if they interact okay with each other. A good protection dog should have a minimum of 12 months of training before your handover.

Protection dogs are an expensive thing to buy but can be worth every penny when they protect you and your family and give you total peace of mind and security.

Protection Dog

Protection Dog


Alcohol addiction centers in birmingham

Finding a good alcohol addiction center

alcohol addiction center

When you are looking for an alcohol addiction center then you need to know what your requirements are likely to be.  For example do you need to stay near to your family and friends or is that the last thing you need!  Do you need to find a detox center or rehab location that is able to complete a 2 week programme? Have you already attended a detox clinic but to no avail? there are many reason why rehab didn’t work for you the first time but no reason as to why you shouldn’t try it again.  If your mind set is in the right place then now is the time to act.


Drug detoxification requires


Either if you have been here before or are a first timer to drug rehabilitation then you have took the right first steps by going online and looking for help.  there is lots of it around you all you need to do is reach out and ask.  There are special trusts, foundations, charities and citizen advice which can help you and are available during normal office hours as well as extended hours.  There contact details are:

Citizens Advice Bureau:

Charity organisation:


If you would like to find out more and are in the need for instant advice or help then please click on any of the links above and talk to them now.  If you are after an alcohol rehabilitation center that can cater for your needs immediately then you may need to search for ‘alcohol rehab’ and go to a private company. these companies can cater for your every need and get you in to rehab quickly and efficiently.

Rehabilitation process

Most alcohol addiction units have a facility for you to live in and more often than not your first few days will be your worst meaning that you will have no contact with the outside world and be under house watch 24 hours a day.  As said in the header of this information sheet, if you have experienced rehab before you know that this is imperative for you to advance in the treatment to any addiction.